Emma Watson par Zeynab

This is Emma Watson

She has got long chestnut hair.

She has got brown eyes

She is tall and slim too.

She can see a danger and she can be an actress too.

She can learn but she can’t sing.

She is English.

I think she is lovely and nice too.

She is married with Daniel Radclife.

Her nickname in Harry Potter is Hermione Granger and her husband is Harry Potter.

Emma is from England.

Maybe she is a famous actress in Harry Potter

Hermione has got magic powers.

Maybe she is beautiful and nice too.


Do you like Harry Potter?

I like Harry Potter oh no I love Harry Potter.

What’s your first name?

My first name is Emma.

What’ s  your  family name?

My family name is Watson.

What’s your   nickname in Harry Potter?

My nickname is Hermione Granger.

What do you like?

I like chocolate frog.

How old are you?

I am 30 years old.

What do you like doing?

I love  doing my homework.

I love going  Pré-au-lard.

Oh you’re clever .



                            Zeynab Tamoukh

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